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ontd_bookclub's Journal

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This is a community for Oh No They Didn't (ohnotheydidnt) members - and non-ONTDers - that are interested in books.

I know ONTD is known for being a crowd that doesn't deal with bullsh!t, but considering this is a discussion post about books, and people are likely to have different interpretations, try to not be so harsh.

Here is how I hope the community will run:

1. An option of 4-5 books (from best seller lists or recommondations) will be posted on the LAST FRIDAY of the month, and the members will vote. The book with the most votes will be the ONTD_BOOKCLUB BOOK OF THE MONTH!!! In the case of a tie, I will break the tie.

2. On the first Friday of the month, I will officially post the title of the book that has the most votes.

3. I will immediatly create a post for discussing the current book, but feel free to make your own posts.

Speaking of post, POST RULES

DO NOT post spoilers unless:
1. Warn your fellow members AND
2. Placing the spoiler behind an lj-cut. Click Here to learn how to make an lj-cut.

DO NOT post anything not having to do with the community. NO SPAM!!!

DO NOT post anything illegal or gross (I go to ONTD for that. TYVM!)

Happy Reading!